Transatlantic Tunnel Tracklistings, episode 12 and 14

Episode 12

Artist – Track – Album (Label/Year)
Squarepusher – Hello Meow – Hello Everything (Warp/2006)
Idlewild – Live in a Hiding Place – The Remote Part (Parlophone/2002)
The Animals – House of the Rising Sun – The Animals (US) (MGM/1964)
Bloc Party – We’re Not Good People – Four – (Frenchkiss/2012)
Six by Seven – Ocean – 04 (Saturday Night Sunday Morning/First Time (US)/2004(07))
Jamiroquai – Use the Force – Traveling Without Moving (Work (US)/1996)
PJ Harvey – Let England Shake – Let England Shake (Island/2011)
* The Wannadies – Yeah – Yeah (BMG/1999)
Garbage – Control – Not Your Kind of People (Stunvolume/ 2012)
Leatherface – Never Say Goodbye – The Stormy Petrel (Big Ugly Fish/No Idea (US)/2010)
4Ft Fingers – One for the Road – At Your Convenience (Golf/2002)
17 Stitches – Double Negative – Closer than you Think EP (Skipworth/1999)
Leftfield – Melt – Leftism (Hard Hands/ Columbia/1995)
The Beta Band – Squares – Hot Shots II (Regal/Astralworks/2001)
* = Global Village: Sweden
Episode 14

Me and Three Others – Open Your Eyes – …And When the Dust Had Settled EP (self-released/2004ish)
The Steal – Mr Door to Door – The Steal (Gravity Dip/Get Outta Town (US)/2006)
Manic Street Preachers – You Love Us – Generation Terrorists (Columbia/1992)
Clinic – Harmony – Walking With Thee (Domino/2001)
Hefner – When the Angels Play Their Drum Machines – Dead Media (Too Pure/2001)
Captain Everything! – Problem With Numbers – It’s Not Rocket Science (Household Name/2003)
The Clash – This is England – Cut the Crap (Epic/1985)
Crass – They’ve Got a Bomb – Feeding of the 5000 (Crass Records/1978)
* Atari Teenage Riot – The Future of War – The Future of War (Digital Hardcore (Europe)/Grand Royal (US)/1997)
Duff Muffin – Toy Soldiers – Eagle Eyes EP (Do the Dog/2003)
Stiff Little Fingers – Tin Soldiers – Nobody’s Heroes (Chrysalis/1980)
David Bowie – Diamond Dogs – Diamond Dogs (RCA/1974)
Billy Bragg – You’re an Accident Waiting to Happen – Don’t Try This at Home (Elektra/1991)
The Music – Take the Long Road and Walk It – The Music (Hut/Capital (US)/2002)
* = Global Village: Germany

Black Russian Roulette // Right Kinda Wrong EP

Black Russian Roulette
Right Kinda Wrong EP
Self-released, 2013


Full disclaimer: Black Russian Roulette’s lead guitarist is my nephew.  Actually — wait a second.  There’s probably not a reviewer in underground rock music who’s not written something for a friend’s band.  Why should it be a big deal if it’s for a family member?  I’m free to be honest. This EP is the biggest load of shit I’ve ever heard.

Well not really.

Political Russian roulette has become a heightened game in the last 18 months.  On the one hand Russia is apparently taking care of global hero Edward Snowden, and blocking invasion in Syria, even if it probably is primarily to upset the yanks. On the other hand, it’s locking up feminist punk bands and passing anti-gay laws in a fashion that would make the Ugandan government proud.  You never know which Russia you’re going to get.  Supposedly Putin is going to go for the holy trinity of bigotry soon by further aligning himself with neo-nazis and doing something overtly outrageous to the country’s black population.  Which brings us to this new band, from the political powerhouse of Leigh in Greater Manchester.

Black Russian Roulette are a heavy rock band who formed in summer 2012.  Their influences include 70s pioneers of hard music from England (Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath), Ireland (Thin Lizzy), Australia (AC/DC) and the Moscow folk scene (possibly untrue).  The genres origins of blues and Americana are evident in much of the subject matter of the lyrics, with allusions to outrunning cops, tanks of gas and criminality (‘One in the Chamber,’ ‘Outlaw’).  Connecting to the driving stuff, there’s also a couple of tracks dealing with that ever popular rock theme of pursuing women but escaping domesticity (‘Holdin On,’ ‘She Devil’).  This all fits really well with a band so potently named as to incorporate both contained violence and drinking into their title.

Musically, there’s a lot of body here, with the drums and 3 guitars coming together in a way that never feels like too much is going on at once.  Noodling is used to complement rather than stand out egotistically.  This is evidenced well on the re-recorded version of ‘She Devil’ (previously released as a demo), featuring 40% more beef.  Matt Cooper’s vocals ride the wave of rock smoothly, even with that necessary rough edge due to (it seems) consuming too much smoke and booze in some Gulf Coast dive bar.  Right Kinda Wrong is a neat little package that flows well from the opening track of ‘Holdin On’ to ‘Shout,’ hitting that sweet spot between variety and cohesiveness.  If, like me, you’re into music with speed, you might like ‘One in the Chamber’ and the title track (a melodic number which is the shortest on the release by almost a minute).

Growing steadily in just a year, Black Russian Roulette are doing a lot of gigging in the North West in the next few months.  Even if hard rock isn’t normally your thing, you could do worse than getting this EP or getting your arse out of the house to go and see them.  Just don’t tell President Vlad that you’re having too much fun or he’ll probably come after you, shirtless, riding a horse.

Wild Stallions!You can hear the entire EP, and buy it (£5), at this page:

James Lamont.

Transatlantic Tunnel Tracklistings, episode 23 and 24

Below are two of the newest episodes currently airing at the station, and they are two of the first to have a new feature called the Album Spotlight.  This is where I play 4 songs from the same recording, so that if you like the sound of an artist you can hear more from them, without drowning in what might feel like a non-stop hour of weird-beard musical choices.  Being overwhelmed is not normally good!

Transatlantic Tunnel description

Direct MYRA Radio Network listen link:

This is a second player that you might want to try if you’ve been having connectivity problems (wait a moment then hit the play button):

3pm in (most of) Florida // 8pm in the UK

Episode 23

Artist – Track – Album (Label/Year)

Skinnyman – I’ll be Surprised – Council Estate of Mind (Low Life/2004)
** Capdown – Unite to Progress
Ed Sheeran – Drunk (Doctor P remix) – UKF Bass Culture 2 (UKF/2012)
Groove Armada – My Friend – Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub) (Zomba/2001)
(Pop)ulation – Start a War – split with Dirty Protest (One C/2011)
** Capdown – Positivity
The Foamers – Drunks & Punks – Football EP (Plop/2002)
The Wiseguys – Ooh La La – The Antidote (Wall of Sound/1999)
** Capdown – Civil Disobedients
Elastica – Car Song – Elastica (Deceptive/1995)
* Bob Marley & The Wailers – Get Up Stand Up – Burnin’ (Tuff Gong/1973)
The Splitters – Reject the Guilt – Good Time Trouble (Do the Dog/2004)
** Capdown – Headstrong
Blade – The Comin is Near – Lyrical Maniac EP (Raw Bass Records/1989)
New Order – 60 Miles an Hour – Get Ready (London/2001) 

* = Global Village: Jamaica
** = Album Spotlight: Capdown – Civil Disobedients (Household Name/2000) 

Episode 24 

Paul Oakenfold – Ready Steady Go – Bunkka (Maverick/2002)
** Dub Pistols ft. Red Star Lion – Alive
Jamiroquai – When You Gonna Learn – Emergency on Planet Earth (Sony/1993)
Duff Muffin – On the Beer – Eagle Eyes EP (Do the Dog/2004)
4ft Fingers – Drunkenville – At Your Convenience (Golf/2001)
** Dub Pistols ft. Akala & Dan Bowskill – West End Story
The Durutti Column – Otis – Vini Reilly (Factory/1989)
The Dauntless Elite – Danson in the Dark (Don’t Ask Me) – More Bloody Bad News (Bombed Out/2011)
Idlewild – Actually its Darkness – 100 Broken Windows (Food/2000)
* Leek and the Bouncing Uptones – The Kids are Alright – Roll the Dice (20 Deck/2001)
** Dub Pistols ft. Lindy Layton & Rodney P – Rock Steady
Chumbawamba – Song on the Times – English Rebel Songs: 1381 – 1984 (MUTT/2003 re-release)
Bat for Lashes – What’s a Girl to Do? – Fur & Gold (Echo/Manimal (US)/2006)
** Dub Pistols ft. Darrison & Rodney P – Gunshot
Apollo 440 – Stop the Rock – Gettin High on Your Own Supply (Sony/1999)
Down and Outs – Doledays and Saveways – Boys from the Blackstuff (Dead and Gone/2004) 

* = Global Village: South Africa
** = Album Spotlight: Dub Pistols – Worshipping the Dollar (Sunday Best/2012)

Transatlantic Tunnel Tracklistings, episode 7 and 18

Episode 7 

Artist – Track – Album (Label/Year)

M.I.A – Jimmy – Kala (XL/Interscope (US)/2007)
Groove Armada – Superstylin’ – Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub) (Zomba/2001)
King Adora – Smoulder – Vibrate You (Mercury/2001)
Goldfrapp – Utopia – Felt Mountain (Mute/2000)
Garbage – Push It – Version 2.0 (Mushroom/Almo (N.A)/1998)
Pendulum – The Island Pt. II (Dusk) – Immersion (Warner/2010)
The Chemical Brothers – Come With Us – Come With Us (Virgin/Astralworks (US)/2002)
Mogwai – Now You’re Taken – 4 Satin EP (Chemikal Underground/Jetset (US)/1997)
Kids Near Water – Telegram – extendedplayerone (Firefly/2001)
Beecher – Let Them Drown – Let Them Drown EP (Calculated Risk/2003)
Badly Drawn Boy – You Were Right – Have You Fed the Fish? (Twisted Nerve/2002)
Doves – M62 Song – The Last Broadcast (Heavenly/2002)
Joy Division – Transmission – single (Factory/1979)
* = Global Village track (Australia)Episode 18

Lost Prophets – Shinobi Vs. Dragon Ninja – The Fake Sound Of Progress (Visible Noise/2000)
Joy Division – She’s Lost Control – Unknown Pleasures (Factory/1979)
Blak Twang – So Hard – Speaking from Experience (Abstract/2008)
Cock Sparrer – We’re Coming Back – Shock Troops (Razor/1983)
British Sea Power – Fear of Drowning – The Decline of British Sea Power (Rough Trade/2003)
A – Fistral – How Ace are Buildings (Tycoon/1997)
* Krar Collective – Guragigna – Ethiopia Super Krar (World Music Network/2012)
Embrace – All You Good, Good People – The Good Will Out (Hut/Geffen (US)/1998)
Hundred Reasons – If I Could – Ideas Above Our Station (Columbia/2002)
Kids Near Water – when it comes to you, i step on cracks – extendedplayerone (Firefly/2001)
Gomez – Bring It On – Liquid Skin (Hut/1999)
Blur – Beetlebum – Blur (Food/1997)
The Damned – New Rose – Damned Damned Damned (Stiff/1977) 

* = Global Village track (Ethiopia)

Transatlantic Tunnel Tracklistings, episode 20 and 21

Hi all,

It’s been a while since I’ve been in touch.  But some new episodes of Transatlantic Tunnel have now been added to the MYRA Radio Network roster!  The people in our new production department at the station (who put the final polish on everything) are some funny buggers, and they’ve seemingly picked shows at random to finish.  The order of play is not particularly important, but as I like to think it is when I’m putting the episodes together, they are going to retain their original numbers here.  At least this way you know the missing numbers represent plenty more coming!

Below are the tracklistings for 2 shows that have already been airing for a while.  I won’t spoil what’s in the newest episodes just yet, but expect a couple more emails in the next few weeks.I hope you enjoy what you hear and thanks for your support!


Episode 20

Artist – Track – Album (Label/Year)

Manic Street Preachers – The Masses Against the Classes – single (Epic/2000)
King Prawn – The Dominant View – Got the Thirst (Golf/2003)
Bloc Party – Coliseum – Four (Frenchkiss/2012)
The Only Ones – Another Girl, Another Planet – The Only Ones (Columbia/1978)
Radiohead – I Might Be Wrong – Amnesiac (Parlophone/2001)
Underworld – Rez – single (Junior Boys Own/1993)
* Leaves – Race – Breathe (B-Unique/2002)
The Dream Academy – Life in a Northern Town – The Dream Academy (Blanco y Negro/1985)
Nick Drake – River Man – Five Leaves Left (Island/1969)
The Smiths – What Difference Does it Make? – The Smiths (Rough Trade/Sire (US)/1984)
Keane – Somewhere Only We Know (live at Glastonbury 2005) – Hopes and Fears (original version) (Island/2004)
Squarepusher – Square Rave – Selection Sixteen (Warp/1999)
Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood (Ed Case remix) – Gorillaz (Parlophone/2001)

* = Global Village track (Iceland)

Episode 21

Stuff-from-recent-UK-visit special!

Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man – Beer for Breakfast – Shattered Dreams Parkway (TNS et al/2012)
Silkie – Mellow Yellow – Dubstep Allstars Vol. 9: Mixed by Silkie & Quest (Tempa/2012)
Dan le Sac ft. B. Dolan – Good Time Gang War – Space Between the Words (Sunday Best/2012)
Slipped Disc – Come on In – Man Chest Hair (Finders Keepers/2012)
Morcheeba – Everybody Loves A Loser – The Antidote (Echo/2005)
Ghostpoet – Liiines – Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam (Brownswood Recordings/2011)
Superintendent – Are We Having Fun Yet? – First Offence (Mighty Man Bear/2012)
* Goat – Goathead – World Music (Rocket/2012)
Future of the Left – Robocop 4 – The Plot Against Common Sense (Xtra Mile/2012)
Polinski – Still Looking – Labyrinths (Monotreme/2011)
Supergrass – Sun Hits the Sky – In It For the Money (Parlophone/1997)
Bang On! – Munnys – [sic] (Big Dada/2012)
The Justice Collective – He Aint Heavy, He’s My Brother – single (Metropolis/2012)

* = Global Village track (Sweden)

Listen link:
3pm in (most of) Florida // 8pm in the UK

Transatlantic Tunnel Tracklistings, episode 5 and 6

Tracklistings for two more recently aired episodes.

Episode 5

Artist – Track – Album (Label/Year)

Chumbawamba – Tubthumping – Tubthumper (EMI/Universal (US)/1997)
Stereophonics – Pick a Part That’s New – Performance and Cocktails (V2/1999)
Travis Cut – Closure – Shambles (Firefly/2001)
David Bowie – Blue Jean – Tonight (EMI/1984)
Half Man Half Biscuit – The Trumpton Riots – The Trumpton Riots EP (Probe Plus/1986)
Frankie Goes to Hollywood – The Power of Love (Rob Searle club mix) – Maximum Joy (ZTT/2000)
Primal Scream – Come Together – Screamadelica (Creation/Sire (US)/1991)
* My Bloody Valentine – Sometimes – Loveless (Creation/1991)
Send More Paramedics – The Hordes – A Feast for the Fallen (In At The Deep End/2004)
Fingathing – Superhero Music – Superhero Music (Grand Central/2002)
Jamiroquai – Little L – A Funk Odyssey (S2/2001)
Sex Pistols – Pretty Vacant – Never Mind The Bollocks (Virgin/1977)

* = Global Village track (Republic of Ireland)

Episode 6

UK Ska Special!

Sonic Boom Six – Piggy in the Middle – A Ruff Guide to Genre-Terrorism (Deck Cheese/2006)
The Specials – Monkey Man – The Specials (2 Tone Records/1979)
Smoke Like a Fish – Freezing in the Desert Sun – Smoke Like a Fish (Do the Dog/2002)
Muttly’s Dastardly Scam – Flick Knife –  This Are UK Ska! Vol. 3 (Do the Dog/2003)
The Filaments – BPC – …What’s Next (Household Name/2004)
Capdown – Cousin Cleotis – Civil Disobedients (Household Name/2000)
NoComply – Misuse of Control – Your life is Your Direction EP (Deck Cheese/2002)
Harijan – Curriculum Vitae – The Best of the Manchester Ska Bar (Bomb Ibiza/~2005)
The Skalinskis – Mighty River – The Best of the Manchester Ska Bar (Bomb Ibiza/~2005)
Stand Out Riot – Foiled for Freshness – The Best of the Manchester Ska Bar (Bomb Ibiza/~2005)
* Operation Ivy – Knowledge – Energy (Lookout!/1989)
Mouthwash – No Fear – True Stories (Rebel Alliance/2009)
Random Hand – Anthropology – Change of Plan (Riot/2007)
China Shop Bull – Sandblaster – Sandblaster EP (Crack House/2008)
Adequate Seven – Everybody Hates – Songs of Innocence and of Experience (Household Name/2002)
King Prawn – Buried Alive (demo) – First Offence (Moon Ska Europe (re-release)/2001)
Lightyear – A Pack of Dogs – Call of the Weasel Clan (Household Name/2001)

* = Global Village track (USA)

Transatlantic Tunnel Tracklistings, episode 3 and 4

Here are the tracklistings for two recent episodes of the programme.

Episode 3

Artist – Track – Album (Label/Year)

Fatboy Slim – The Rockafeller Skank – You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby (Skint/1998)
Basement Jaxx – Romeo – Rooty (XL/2001)
Toddla T. ft Ms. Dynamite – Want U Now – Ninja Tune XX Vol.1 (Ninja Tune/2010)
The Heavy – How You Like Me Now? (Joker remix) – Ninja Tune XX Vol.1 (Ninja Tune/2010)
Seafood – How are You Gonna Live Without Me? – Paper Crown King (Cooking Vinyl/2006)
Gorillaz – Tomorrow Comes Today – Gorillaz (Parlophone/2001)
Zed Bias – Neighbourhood ’09 – This is Dub Step (Get Darker/2010)
King Tubby – King Tubby’s Explosion Dub – The Trojan Records Dub Collection (Trojan/2009)
Pama International – I Found Sunshine – Float Like A Butterfly (Do The Dog/Asian Man (US)/2004)
Clinic – Come Into Our Room – Walking With Thee (Domino/2002)
Orbital – The Box (live at Glastonbury 1999) – In Sides (original recording) (Internal/FFRR/1996)
Aphex Twin – Come to Daddy (Pappy Mix) – Come to Daddy EP (Warp/1997)

* = Global Village track (Jamaica)

Episode 4

Oasis – Rock ‘n’ Roll Star – Definitely Maybe (Creation/1994)
Elbow – Grounds for Divorce – The Seldom Seen Kid (Fiction/Geffen (US)/2008)
Hundred Reasons – Silver – Ideas Above Our Station (Columbia/2002)
The Damned – Neat Neat Neat – Damned Damned Damned (Stiff/1977)
The Steal – Breakout – The Steal (Gravity Dip/Get Outta Town (US)/2006)
* Air – Universal Traveler – Talkie Walkie (Virgin/2004)
Zero 7 – Destiny – Simple Things (Ultimate Dilemma/Palm Pictures (US)/2001)
Slam – Virtuoso – Alien Radio (Soma Quality/2001)
Paul Oakenfold – Southern Sun – Bunkka (Maverick/2002)
Billy Bragg – North Sea Bubble – Don’t Try This at Home (Elektra/1991)
The Streets – Weak Become Heroes – Original Pirate Material (Locked On/679/Vice (US)/2002)
The Coral – Dreaming of You – The Coral (Deltasonic/2002)
The Beatles – Blackbird – The Beatles (Apple/1968)

* = Global Village track (France)

Transatlantic Tunnel on MYRA Radio Network

My college here in St. Petersburg, Florida, recently launched the internet radio station, the MYRA Radio Network!  A group of us have been working on this station throughout 2012, and while we haven’t ironed out all the problems yet, you can tune in at any time and hear all sorts of stuff: metal, hip hop, jazz, blues, electronic, country, alternative, soul, punk, and that all-important category of weird shit.

I’m making a programme called Transatlantic Tunnel, where I play a multi-genre and multi-time-period selection of UK music. It is usually on at 3pm Florida time (8pm UK time) from Monday to Saturday, but you may also catch it at other random times if you try. You can read the full description here:

If you want to skip all that and have access to the direct listen link, it is here:

Here are the tracklistings for the first two episodes. More coming soon!

Episode 1

Artist – Track – Album (Label/Year)

New Order – Age of Consent – Power, Corruption & Lies (Factory/1983)
The Rolling Stones – Street Fighting Man – Beggars Banquet (London/1968)
The Chemical Brothers feat. Q-Tip – Galvanize – Push The Button (Virgin/2005)
Roots Manuva – Witness (1 Hope) – Run Come Save Me (Big Dada/2003)
4ft Fingers – Brickwall – At Your Convenience (Golf/2001)
Sonic Boom Six – Polished Chrome And Open Kitchens – City of Thieves (Rebel Alliance/2009)
The Prodigy – No Good (Start the Dance) – Music for the Jilted Generation (XL/1994)
Skream – Midnight Request Line – Skream! (Tempa/2006)
* Against Me! – We Laugh at Danger (and Break all the Rules) –  Reinventing Axl Rose (No Idea/2002)
Therapy? – Misery – Infernal Love (A&M Records/1995)
Feeder – Stereo World – Polythene (Echo/1997)
Travis – Driftwood – The Man Who (Independiente/1999)
Radiohead – Lotus Flower – King of Limbs (Self-released/2011)
Asian Dub Foundation – Real Great Britain – Community Music (FFRR/London/2000)

* = Global Village track (USA)

Episode 2

The Wiseguys – Start the Commotion – The Antidote (Wall of Sound/1999)
Ikara Colt – One Note – Chat And Business (Fantastic Plastic/2002)
Bush – My Engine is With You – Golden State (Atlantic/2001)
Fireapple Red – All Because – Fireapple Red (Good Clean Fun/2003)
The Mingers – I Can’t Save The World ‘Cos I’m A Middle Class White Girl – Passion Not Fashion (Go Down Fighting/Bankshot! (US)/2005)
Capdown – Ska Wars – Civil Disobedients (Household Name/2000)
The Clash – Spanish Bombs – London Calling (CBS/Epic (US)/1979)
Idlewild – These Wooden Ideas – 100 Broken Windows (Food/2000)
* Propagandhi – A Speculative Fiction – Potemkin City Limits (Fat Wreck/2005)
Random Hand – Scum Triumphant – Change of Plan (Riot/2007)
Bloc Party – Hunting For Witches – A Weekend in the City (Wichita/2007)
PJ Harvey – Written on the Forehead – Let England Shake (Island/Vagrant(US)/2011)
Muse – New Born – Origin of Symmetry (Taste/2001)
Black Sabbath – Paranoid –  Paranoid (Vertigo/1970)

* = Global Village track (Canada)

Live: set and setting, Windhand, Flying Snakes, Old Soul

Fuck up the Punx

A review of The Dwarves’ live performance in Tampa on October 25th was supposed to go here.  Unfortunately, during one of the opening bands, some complete arsehole decided that badly injuring my arm made him as punk as fuck, so I didn’t see the headliners.  So, for now, here are the links for the bands, they were all good. And here’s a review I did in March of some local bands in St. Pete.

Feral Babies / Dead Cat Lounge / The Scurvy / The Dwarves

set and setting, Windhand, Flying Snakes, Old Soul
Fubar, St. Petersburg, FL
Thursday March 8th, 2012

In the land of the rising sun, shows sometimes end by 9pm or so, to allow time for other activities afterwards.  So it is perhaps fitting that this evening of dark, distinctly non-rising-sun music should start as late as 9:30.  Openers Old Soul (who are up past their bedtime if they think that name really describes them) are on tour from Michigan.  They play black metal-tinged screamo complete with loud and quiet parts, across a selection of songs with one word titles like “Forest”.  I only caught a couple of them, so either they started early to help move things along or the time allotment was just the price they had to pay for being added to the bill last minute.  They recently released a record, “Who are Willing to Draw Close,” the second part of a concept album.

Before the next act, a man comes up to me talking with a Grateful Dead attititude and what he calls an Oliver Twist accent.  This proved to be coincidental.  When Flying Snakes begin performing, it’s obvious that These Arms Are Not Snakes but canvases for tattoos, and one display appears to be of Big Ben or some similar clock.  Their arms are also used to play brilliant rhythmic heaviness, a mixture of sludge and punk.  The band only come to a full stop at one point in the set, and the only thing close to a gimmick is when a sound almost like a siren is heard.  But it was probably just more guitar.

Screenshots from the upcoming Doom 4 game were leaked online a few weeks ago, showing scenes of a post-hell nightmare on Earth.  The sight of Virginia doom metal band Windhand is thankfully a lot more pleasant.  First, vocalist Dorthia is single-handedly representing female musicianship here on this International Women’s Day.  Second, bassist Nathan is wearing a white Mr Bungle t-shirt, and looking refreshingly un-the-part.  Their driving sound is really cool and a welcome change of pace, until two apparently amusing fuck-ups (equipment?), the second of which leads to their early exit.

As if to make up for gained time, set and setting spend a long period setting up.  Aha.  Anyway, during this lull a huge crowd builds, and by the time the set (groan) is going Fubar is basically wall-to-wall with people.  I say going, because their particular style of Mogwai, Day For Airstrikes, et al instrumental ambience is so politely woven into the evening that I barely noticed they had started before being entranced (a loud cheer from the audience was the tip-off).  The subtle build-up of intensity always makes bands such as this one seem intelligent, so it’s only right that set and setting have taken the misunderstood poster-child for stupid musicians — the drummer — and given him a twin. (The group does feature literal siblings, but only one is a drummer).  Actually, they so believe in the potential of the stick-bearer that there are two and a half of them.  A guy is sitting on the stage by the wall, occasionally hitting a cymbol, though whether the sitting or the hitting is incidental isn’t all that clear.  There comes a point where the connection to the other acts on the bill is more obvious, as some in the crowd are overtaken with headbanging desires and dual guitars.  The influence of pairs next leads set and setting to perform two encores, which also reach heavy heights.  At 1am perhaps it’s a bridge too far, but as tonight is the start of a 36 day tour, going big is understandable.  The sun may set, but it will rise again tomorrow!